“We are what we Eat” – A fetus is what his/her mother eats, breathes and does!

After recently hearing that babies are born with 200-300 toxins in their cord blood, I felt sad! Then I wondered why and what we can do to help bring that number down, as it should be at zero!  The statistics are frightening, as I found from Sabine Vollmer in “Science in the Triangle” :

“The placenta doesn’t filter out industrial toxins and environmental pollutants

The 10 babies (whose cord blood was tested) couldn’t have inhaled, digested or absorbed the chemicals by being exposed to them in the air, water, food or personal care products. Their exposure was in the womb, where no blood brain barrier protected their developing brains.

The test results showed that the 10 cord blood samples contained:

  • 287 toxins and chemical pollutants, 200 on average per sample.
  • 28 waste products, such as dioxins and furans, chemicals that come out of smoke stacks.
  • 47 consumer product ingredients, such as flame retardants from furniture and clothing, teflon chemicals and pesticides.
  • 212 industrial chemicals and breakdown products from pesticides that have been banned for 30 years or longer.”

Mothers need to think about everything thing that they eat, what they put on their skin and what they breath!  The study even found the chemicals of TEFLON and PESTICIDES, which I discussed in earlier posts, as being present in the cord blood!  We, as mothers, cannot bring the number of toxins found in the cord blood of our babies to zero, but we can put a huge dent in that number.  It is no surprise that the cancer rate among Americans has been steadily increasing at alarming rates.  We need to be more conscious about the things we don’t really think about – like choosing organic, because the reality is that you can’t wash off pesticides that have seeped into the cells of the food we eat.  We have the option of whether to use chemicals on our lawn.  We can choose not to use GLADE products – that’s just plugging in harmful chemicals to ingest (don’t be fooled by their “essential oil” line). We have the option to choose ‘clean’ or non-toxic household cleaners and laundry detergents, like making our own or using toxic free cleaners, as opposed to the run of the mill cleaners like bleach, Tide, Fantastic and Lysol.  We have the option of using teflon or not when we cook.  We have the ability to take a stand against the pesticides being used on our food and around us in our environment!  Take a moment to think about what you are eating and using in and around your home;  keep your family free from chemicals and toxins that can effect their health down the line.


Discussion of the cord blood findings:  http://scienceinthetriangle.org/2010/09/10-americans-industrial-toxins-found-in-umbilical-cord-blood/

More discussion:

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