Scary Facts versus Scare Tactics being used by Big Pharma and State Health Departments

While watching television a few nights ago, I saw the latest ad from the NYS Health Department – aiming to instill fear through tugging at heartstrings; the ad basically tells parents that if they don’t vaccinate their children, one may die from a life threatening disease.  I thought that since the ‘anti vacciners’ cannot get their message out on the air (due sometimes to cost constraints, but mainly because the big pharma giants make sure no one will air them), that I would briefly discuss the other side of the coin. PLEASE NOTE:  I am not trying to dictate that people should not vaccinate their children; I am advocating for people to educate themselves before making a decision for their child whom cannot make the decision for him/herself.

When we were young (I’m 34), there were 7 recommended vaccinations.  Our children are expected to get 35+. The pharmaceutical industry has 145 new vaccines in development and intends to make them mandatory.  145!!!  This makes a person question whether these vaccines are really for the good of our children and the population as opposed to making money for pharmaceutical companies.

Here are some of the staggering statistics that make me think twice (all stats come from the book Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, found in my online store):

1. Pertussis (DTP vaccine):  There have been 3 outbreaks in the last 19 years.  In 1993 there was an outbreak in Ohio, where 82% of the cases occurred in people who had already received the vaccine.  In 1996 there was an outbreak in Vermont, where 74% of the cases occurred in people who had already received the vaccine. In 2003 there was an outbreak in Cyprus, where 79% of the cases occurred in people who had already received the vaccine. So, how well is this vaccine actually working AND then take into consideration the damage the actual vaccine is doing.  For instance, “70% of children who have died of SIDS received the pertussis vaccine within 3 weeks before death.”  Within this 3 week time period after receiving the vaccine, children’s breathing patterns became stress induced, wreaking havoc on their respiratory systems, suggesting that some of these cases label as SIDS have a known cause, vaccination side effects. (Miller 120 and 121).

2. Flu vaccine:  It was in the later half of 2002 that the CDC began advocating that all children receive the influenza vaccine.  In 1999, 25 children died of influenza in the U.S.  In 2000, 19 children died of the virus.  In 2001, 13 children died of the virus, in 2002, 12 children died of he virus.  Yet, in 2003, during the push to get all children the vaccine, 90 children died of the virus (a sevenfold increase). Several conclusions can be drawn here, such as the strain used in the vaccine may cause the person receiving the vaccine to contract the virus AND that the virus in the vaccine is more dangerous (Miller 97).

3. Mumps (MMR vaccine): “In 2006 there was a large outbreak of the mumps in the United States.  92% of these cases were in people who were previously vaccinated against the disease” (Miller 167).  Enough said.

4. Hepatatis B:  I think the most scary thing about this is that it is given to newborns just days old!  The last thing a newborn needs while adjusting to life outside of the womb is to have toxins injected into his/her body.  This is not what life is all about.  In case you don’t know, you can ask that your child not receive this in the hospital, telling the nursing staff that you’ll have your pediatrician administer the vaccine at the office.  Looking at the stats, “between July of 1990 and October of 1998, there were 24,775 government documented adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine in all age groups.  9,673 of these were “serious,” leading to hospitalization, life-threatening health problems, or disabilities; 439 people died” (Miller 281).

5.  Pneumococcal Disease (Prevnar):  “Dr. Barthelow Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, testified before the Drug and Food administration that this vaccine could cause a major epidemic of diabetes, calculating that this vaccine will cause 28,000 cases of insulin dependent diabetes every year in the United States alone.  On a side note, there are 90 strains of this disease and the vaccine is designed to protect against only 7 of them (Miller 326).

Read up one the facts.  Look into the websites and books I recommend on the vaccine page.  Study each disease and look at the total deaths from the actual disease versus deaths and complications from the actual vaccine.  Two great resources to get information from are Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Lawrence Palevsky.  They can both be found on facebook.

For now though, here are some recent links…

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  1. lauraensz says:

    Hi! I’m so excited to find your blog! I have two little boys, ages 4 and 2. We have chosen not to vaccinate and instead do more chiropractic and natural supplements and treatments. Keep on blogging…I’m excited to hear your opinions! :)


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