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The Human Obsession With Smell

Think Twice Before Using Artificially Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Somewhere along the way, as humans learned to make their way on this earth, they (we) became more and more conscious of the smells coming from our bodies and our … Continue reading

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The Most Simple, Effective and Healthy Ways to Overcome An Ear Infection

Sometime during my middle school career, my mother came home with candles to put in my ear.  I wish I could remember my reaction to this, but it blends in with all of the other things that I once thought … Continue reading

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Getting Kids Into Veggies and Veggies Into Kids

Lips sealed, arms crossed, “I don’t like this.” Meanwhile, he’s never even tried it before. Sound familiar?  Thankfully Liam likes to eat fruit and carrots, but other veggies – he likes to eat them once in a blue moon, maybe … Continue reading

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