Fun and Green(er) Easter Ideas

Somehow Easter became another holiday synonymous with candy and fake food additives, like chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, jellybeans, and eggs dyed with artificially derived colors.

I prefer to celebrate the holiday for what it is, a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, but I do indulge my children in the more modern traditions of the holiday as well. Instead of buying into the whole candy aspect and the use of artificial colorings, we take a different spin on things. Following are some candy free and artificial dye free ideas with some DYO money saving tips mixed in!

Decorating Eggs

I like to eat eggs, just not eggs tainted with the artificial food colorings that are linked to cancers and issues like hypersensitivity and ADHD. These dyes pass through the shell and onto the white of my egg, and thus into my body when consumed – not something I find desirable. Two years ago I stumbled upon a great alternative – natural dyes derived from vegetable and fruit sources from eco-kids. The colors are amazing. They are not the typical colors that the artificial dyes produce; these are deeper and more rustic. I always use brown eggs, so the colors really turn out neat on top of the brown. You can purchase these at the eco-kids website, on Amazon, at many Williams-Sonoma stores or if you are a fellow Long Islander, at Healthy Alternatives in Babylon! You can also try your hand at making your own food dyes if you are up to the challenge – here are some recipes: Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally,  Easter Eggs: Dye ‘Em Naturally so You Can Eat ‘Em Too and from Mommypotamus, Dyeing with Everyday Ingredients.

Another option is to decorate the eggs without using dye at all! Double sided adhesive tape along with some colorful glitter makes for some beautiful eggs. Stickers, washi tape, ribbons and rickrack also make for some unique decor. See these Pretty No Dye Easter Eggs for some examples!

For the Egg Hunt

If you hide the plastic eggs and are looking for safe items to stuff them with, here are some ideas. If you are hiding them for a toddler, buy the larger size eggs as they can hold items that take up more space than the candy traditionally hidden in them, and the items that you place in them can be big enough to not pose choking hazards.

1. Coins – my kids love coming into the house after the hunt to put their money in the piggy bank.

2. Stickers work especially well for the younger kids. If you buy sheets that don’t fit into the eggs, you can always cut them down – you can even put one sticker in each egg, making it relatively cheap, while still having something in it that a child will find to be exciting.

3. Plush toys that can squish down. For example, last year we got our daughter something similar to the birds in the photo below and put each of the birds in an egg. We then put the birdhouse in her Easter basket.

 4. Finger puppets – Apple Park has some great organic ones, as pictured below.

5. Puzzle pieces – Once the kids find all of the eggs, they’ll have all the pieces to the puzzle. If you are hiding for more than one child, you can color code the eggs.


Don’t stuff them at all! Make it a contest with a prize at the end instead of little gifts inside! The prize can even be the Easter basket itself; hide the basket and fill the eggs with puzzle pieces that, once together, give clues as to where the basket is hidden.

The Easter Basket

There are a lot of natural, organic and safe play items that you can fill a basket with. Here are some ideas…

1. eco-kids eco-dough – the natural version of playdough, OR you can make your own playdough and store it in old food containers or jars that you have decorated or covered in fabric or paper. I personally like the eco-dough because it has a nice texture and is free of toxins like artificial colorings.

2. Seed kits to start on a garden. Green Toys sells planting kits with eco friendly pots that are super cute!

3. Any type of organic, and/or eco friendly toys. My favorite ones come from Apple Park, Green Toys and North Star Toys (no, I am not being paid by these companies, I just love them!). Here are some examples…

Picnic Pals from Apple Park

Green Toys Build a Bouquet

Green Toys Mini Vehicles

Green Toys Tug Boats

Green Toys Mini Race Cars

The Busy Boat by North Star Toys – Great for the Tub!

5. Cozy pajamas! (or any type of clothing that your children need anyway!)

Apple Park's bunny and chick organic pajamas are perfect for Easter!

Apple Park’s bunny and chick organic pajamas are perfect for Easter!

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A mother of two looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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5 Responses to Fun and Green(er) Easter Ideas

  1. Alicia says:

    Such cute ideas. I love the puzzle piece idea!
    One of my most memorable childhood Easter Egg Hunts was when my Aunt made a scavenger-type hunt for us. We each had our own eggs to find. The first egg’s clue would take us to the next and so on, then at the end our prize was a kite. After the hunt we all went out and flew our kites, it was awesome.
    As an adult, we had an outdoor hunt with a bunch of families from church. Many of the eggs were filled with confetti and those were highly sought and promptly smashed onto the heads of friends and family.

  2. Meredith says:

    I love this! Thanks so much for taking the time to pull all this together. Jenn just referred me to your blog and I will now bookmark and follow! Love the stuff you have to share :)

  3. Cinnamon Aston says:

    Awesome ideas, thanks so much, can’t wait to try some of this. I’ve never done candy for Easter for the kids, but these ideas are much better than cheap dollar store toys. I love the rustic egg colors, hope mine come out that well, better go internet shopping. Alicia thanks for the scavenger hunt idea too, my kids are a bit young for that, but maybe I can get my husband involved this year, ha ha.

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  5. Great ideas! We especially love Eco-Kids eco dough!

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