“Safe as Mama’s Arms”

When, late last year, it came to light that Johnson and Johnson uses formaldehyde in its baby products, parents began questioning what names could be trusted when it comes to skincare and bath products for their children (If Formaldehyde is Used on Dead Bodies, Why is it in My Baby Products?). Early this year it was revealed that California Baby Products deceived consumers by not letting them know about a change in formulation of some of their products, switching to using ingredients that some people were not happy about (California Baby Reformulation Drama). This sent many parents into a frenzy, and rightfully so. Our children are our world, and we want to keep them safe, so where to turn?

Many parent were asking this question on the Raising Natural Kids Facebook page and often people would suggest using Earth Mama Angel Baby products. I had heard the name but never tried the products. At that time I was using a baby wash and shampoo that is relatively natural, as it does contain a majority of organic ingredients and thus, “nurtures families organically.” However, after being pointed to the EWG’s Skin Deep Database (an awesome resource where you can look up any skincare product to see if it is toxic and just how much, based on a scale of 1 to 10 – a low to high hazard), I realized that I didn’t like the number that the products I was using came in at (2 or 3). Though a 2 or 3 isn’t horrible, if I am using it on my children I want it at a zero! So, I too was looking for a new, clean, pure and safe product. After seeing many people rave about Earth Mama Angel Baby, and then finding that their products come in at a ZERO toxicity level on the Skin Deep Database, I decided to ask them if I could review their product, which is always how I come to review a product – I ask companies after learning, researching and getting feedback from others – I try to only review products that I would use in my own home and on my own family.

Earth Mama Angel Baby embraced my request and kindly sent me “A Little Something for Baby Gift Set.” The set includes trial sizes of the Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Oil. Each of these products, along with all of their products, are toxin free – this is what you want! Many companies claim that their products are non-toxic. This does NOT mean toxic free – to be truly free of toxins the product must say toxin free, as Earth Mama Angel Baby’s do. They are also cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. And, on top of all the heavenly goodness of the fact that these products are safe, they work wonderfully. These are products that you can feel good about putting on your baby’s skin!

Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – I love knowing that when my kids drink the bathwater, which they inevitably do in some form or other, via sucking on a wet bath toy, trying to blow bubbles, putting the washcloth in the mouth, etc., that chemicals are not entering their bodies! The first thing I noticed when using the wash was  that though there is no artificial ingredient to cause a lather, that when I rubbed it well into the kids’ hair, it did produce one – I like being able to see it to know I covered all areas! The second thing I noticed was the scent – a sweet citrus smell with a hint of vanilla when first applied, that seems to fade and linger, leaving a clean baby powder like scent until the next wash. I kid you not that with other products that I have tried, I would often think that I (or my husband) didn’t wash their hair so well as it often smelled sweaty to me after they got out of the bath, and I don’t have sweaty kids! Now, after using this product, I am thinking that it must have been some part of the formulation of the mostly, yet not completely organic products I was using (those particular products are NOT toxin free!).

Angel Baby Bottom Balm - I am lucky that it is not often that my children get a rash on their bottom, but the two times my daughter had a slight one while trying this product, it cleared right up! What’s great is that this product can also be used on scrapes or on really dry patches of skin. It feels silky and is easy to apply and easy to wash off your fingers after applying, unlike the baby products that contain zinc.

Angel Baby Lotion – I love this so much that I have started using it on myself. I went ahead and purchased the full size bottle before my trial size was even close to being empty! It has the same scent as the baby wash and is as silky as the bottom balm. It absorbs right into the skin and leaves a fresh scent that lingers throughout the day.

Angel Baby Oil – This oil has so many uses! It is great as a moisturizer for when baby’s skin seems extra dry; it works great on cradle cap, and it’s an awesome massage oil! If you use it as a moisturizer you’ll notice that the skin stays moist until the baby’s next bath. You can even add some drops of the oil to a bath. The dispenser on the full sized version is great because it eliminates the accidental pouring of too much into your hand or any accidents that may occur if accidentally knocked over when open.

These products were a joy to review ~ I love being able to find and share safe, green, great products with others, especially ‘heavenly’ ones like these! I am in the process of switching all of the products I use on my children to Earth Mama Angel Baby and plan on looking into some of their other product lines next.

Money Saving Tip: Like Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Facebook page for updates on sales and coupon codes!

About Raising Natural Kids

A mother of two looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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6 Responses to “Safe as Mama’s Arms”

  1. linda reason says:

    Excellent article, thank you. I am excited to try some of these truly organic products..

  2. I’ve been using their Angel Baby Shampoo & Baby Wash on my kids and we LOVE it!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the amazing review!! We LOVE it!! XOXO Social Mama

  4. Jolee says:

    Johnson and Johnson also contains sodium laurel sulfate which has a whole slew of nasty effects on children which can explain so much of child sickness and disorders later in life

  5. Kristin says:

    I discovered EMAB products with my thirst baby and am HOOKED! I use them on the whole family. The products all have tons of uses aside from what they’re are marketed as. The vanilla orange is amazing too. Their products are my go-to for baby gifts when friends are expecting…We’ll be using EMAB long after my babies are grown.

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