A Natural Sunscreen

My blond hair, blue eyed, pale skin children have never had a sunburn, despite the fact that they play outdoors every day and spend at least one day a week (sometimes 2 or 3) at the beach, as my husband is a lifeguard.

This in part has to do with sunscreen, but not entirely. I want to start out by saying that I believe the sun is good for us and that people need the exposure to it sans sunscreen for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day in order to absorb the vitamin D that it offers us. Sunscreen blocks the D, so it’s important to go without it. Doing so allows for your body to build a tolerance to the sun naturally, so that it’s not so quick to burn. I usually don’t apply sunscreen to my children when they are playing in the backyard, unless they are out for hours. I also don’t usually apply it at the beach until after we have been there for at least 20 minutes. We do set up umbrellas and I do cover my children with hats and one piece suits and/or rash guards so that they don’t have to spend the day lathered up.

But, because my husband loves to have his children with him while he guards, one or more of our kids spend at least 6 hours at a shot on the ocean. For me, this means that the added protection of sunscreen is necessary. I want to make sure that when I apply sunscreen to myself or my children, that it doesn’t contain any chemicals, as many of the ingredients found in your mainstream name brand products have actually been proven to be cancer causing!

This is why I was excited when Jill Stover of Celadon Road offered to send their newly released sunscreen to try, as I have tried and loved many other products of the company’s (my favorite is the laundry detergent, consisting of only 5 ingredients, all of them safe and natural!).

My whole family tried the Celadon Road sunscreen and loved it. It goes on smooth and isn’t sticky, like some containing zinc oxide. Because it does contain a bit of zinc, you do have to rub it in well if you don’t want the white look, but if you let it sit, it eventually disappears anyway. We applied it twice within a 6 hour period at the beach – once before we left and then about 3 hours later and not one of us got burned, including my husband who was baking in the sun while up on the lifeguard chair. The 8 ingredients in this product are simple: 25% Zinc Oxide, Artesian Spring Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax NF, and Vegetable Vitamin E. It’s rare to see water listed as the second ingredient in a sunscreen, yet it makes sense being that throughout our lives our bodies are comprised of anywhere between 60 – 80% of H2O. I also like that there is no real scent to the product, as many people have different tastes and aversions to different smells.

Quite simply, I love this sunscreen. It offers great protection without the need to reapply very often, as the zinc stays on the skin forming a barrier against the sun. This also means that a little goes a long way. It’s creamy and smooth, made of natural and organic ingredients, and I can feel confident using it, knowing that I am not putting anything harmful on the skin of my precious children!

For more information on this sunscreen please see this link, click on shop online and type sunscreen under search: Celadon Road Sunscreen

About Raising Natural Kids

A mother of two looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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3 Responses to A Natural Sunscreen

  1. Cinnamon Aston says:

    I would love to know more about building natural immunity to sun burn. Unfortunately my oldest has gotten sunburn before, and I’ve found I have to cover her in sunscreen every 2 hours to avoid it. Thanks, good article.

  2. Wendy says:

    i tried the link,we’d like to buy it but it wont load the page. it takes me to a consultants page when i type it in. Can we become a consultant? I would love to sell in this area! Any info is appreciated!

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