Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease seems to be going around like crazy because we get at least one question a day about it on Facebook. Instead of reposting the same question over and over, here are the answers from Facebook threads of the recent past… These involve a child being exposed to and catching the illness. For prevention be sure to up the vitamin D and give elderberry syrup.

Advice please! Hi ladies, my 12 month old was exposed to hand, foot and mouth disease. He started with fever last night, and it’s still coming and going. I know I should expect the sores and rash soon. My question is, if he gets sores in his mouth, is there anything I can do to make him less miserable? I’m worried it could get too painful for him and he might refuse nursing. My oldest got it as an infant and he refused to eat, drink, and nurse and we ended up in the ER for fluids, so I want to avoid all of that again if possible. Thank you for all your help!


1. Christy Nichols – You can make your own popsicles. We made some out of diluted oj. Eating bananas also helps and you can refrigerate them too.

2. Sarah McGee Sasser – When my Autistic son refuses to drink when sick we use those medicine syringes to squirt a little at a time.Put it at the corner of his mouth.We have yet to need the ER Praise God!! I would just pump and do it that way.

3. Mary E. Tocco – One of my sons got the bathroom plunger and was licking it! He had blisters in his mouth and I used peroxide rinse throughout the day, they went away in 2 days. I do not know much about that illness…do some research, there is probably something natural to help get through. The fever is working on it too! http://www.childhoodshots.com/How-to-Support-and-Boost-the-Immune-System-s/213.htm

4. Shelly Gutke-Boopor – Butterfly express oils has one that’s great for that. It’s called deliverance. Since he is only 1yr he can’t really swoosh w/ it so I would maybe take almond or coconut oil and a drop of Deliverance. Mix it first, then put it on the cloth and swab his mouth. It works great for canker soars.

5. Shannon Tubman – Both of my kids breathed through it like a minor cold-wishing you the same!

6. Tara Field – My son just had this 2 weeks ago and we did spoonfuls of honey mixed with a little coconut oil and lime. He loved it and not only did his throat feel better within hours, the redness went away and he never got anything in his mouth or throat.

7. Rachel Deardorf Durham – I helped a frieond with this a few weeks ago. We used doTERRA’s Melaleuca, Lemon and Lavender and some Virgin Coconut Oil. I can get you the whole protocol if you like, but it had all his sores dry by the next morning, and then he was healed up in just a few days.

8. Jessica Morris – My daughter had h,f&m at 18 months. The sores on her legs were the worst. She had minimal sores in her mouth & was only a little picky about what she ate/ drank for the first day. We avoided anything that would cause the sores discomfort (fruit, salty, juices). Yogurt & homemade yogurt pops were a life saver!

Advice Please! I think my 1 year old has Hand/foot/mouth disease: my little guy is running a fever of 100, has red sores in back of his  mouth, no sleep, no food, just boob. I don’t want to give antibiotics if that’s even an option. What are some natural remedies and things that I can do for him? Huge thanks wise mamma’s ♥


1. Fallon Ranger – Both of my kids just had HFMD. Baking soda in the bath water when he gets the rash, calamine lotion because it itches. Just keep the kiddo hydrated and don’t worry if he doesn’t want to eat; neither one of my little garbage disposals ate anything for a couple of days. My guys ended up with fevers up to 104 so keep an eye on his temp!

2. Aislynn Locklear – I doubt the doc will prescribe antibiotics because HFM is a virus and most doctors know by now the overuse of abx. There’s no vaccine for it so vaxed and unvaxed kids are both susceptible, as are parents, so wash your hands. When my toddler had it a few weeks ago, virgin unrefined coconut oil on the sores really helped, and popsicles can provide some relief for the mouth sores. Poor baby!

3. Taralyn Trost Parker – Hand/Foot/Mouth is a virus so so I don’t think your doctor will treat it with antibiotics. This link has some helpful info about the use of essential oils for it.https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/everythingdoterra/-HXlHCeIw6Y

4. Fallon Ranger – I made a medicinal/herbal tea that I froze in popsicle molds. Warm foods ended up helping my kids more than cold foods, though.

5. Jennifer McAnally Klinge – Our son just got over it. It’s a virus so there is nothing the DR will/can give him. We gave him ACV/coconut oil baths every night for 1 week. We made sure we cleaned up things after he touched them with vinegar and washed the bath down nightly. We did give him Motrin for the pain but some might tell you to do nothing. Up to you. Good luck!

6. Elizabeth Mitchell – Collodial silver got rid of the blisters within 24 hours.

7. Stephanie Hayes – It’s a virus.. no meds needed.. give babes a bath in breastmilk!! And nurse!!!!! Mine 3 yr old just had it.. gave her a bm bath and the sores started healing right away.. 7 month old ebf has yet to get it.

8. Erin Lima Sobansky – baking soda baths and oatmeal baths. I know frugally sustainable had a recipe for homemade calamine the other day. An RX for hfm is not going to do a lick of good. I recommend just comforting him and lots of rest.

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4 Responses to Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

  1. Tonya says:

    Just a heads up for all you moms who rush your kids to the doc when they have a fever. 9 times out of ten when they are running a fever- it is a virus. Viruses have to run it’s course. If you don’t ever feed your kids sugar, wheat or processed foods, commercial dairy products or whole grains they will be healthy and strong and fight viruses quickly. We know our kids and have a better intuition on their health then some doctor. I have a 4 1/2 year old who has never been to a doctor since the day she was born nor a dentist. She has had several viruses with fevers as high as 105. I use oils and lots of them, particular Young Living oils. I also use colloidal silver- an amazing product!! It has never occurred to me once to take her to the doctor. I just get online research her symptoms and use natural protocols accordingly. Everything she has ever contracted has been ridiculously mild and I contribute that to a high raw, whole and clean food diet. If you ask my child who her doctor is she will say mommy is. She will run and get the oils and tell me when she has received a cut, scrape, etc.

    • Ann says:

      I’m 100% with you.We are exactly the same,without the fevers though.My kids get sick only once a year,during winter time(from skiing).They get over it in just a few days with lots of vit d,c,herbal teas,100% organic,grass fed food,green smoothies,essential oil,colloidal silver and homeopathic remedies if need it.No gluten,no boxed food,no sugar,everything homemade from scratch.My kids are also unvaccinated and breastfed for almost 3 years.

  2. can i give bath to my child who has hfmd?

  3. Stacey says:

    I’m a bit slow to come across this page, but Rachel Deardorf Durham what is the full protocol using DoTerra?

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