Preventing and Treating Cavities the Natural Way

Preventing and treating cavities doesn’t just have to be done at the dentist! There are non-intrusive ways to care for your teeth. I find the links provided below to be very helpful and informative.

My three year old daughter has a brown spot on two molars, which the dentist says is because she happens to have porous teeth with deep groves, so food gets stuck there easily. We are currently using tips from these resources, including adding powdered egg shells to her diet, along with cod liver oil and ghee to help heal them so that they don’t turn into cavities – I’ll keep you posted with what happens at her next dentist visit.


Preventing Tooth Decay:

Reversing Tooth Decay:

How I Healed My Child’ s Cavity:

How Egg Shells Can Help Heal Cavities:

Many people also recommend a book based on Dr. Weston Price’s diet for preventing cavities: Cure Tooth Decay

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2 Responses to Preventing and Treating Cavities the Natural Way

  1. Colleen says:

    My son had ten cavities at his first check up (age 4) we eat organically and avoid most sugar. I found a dentist that works with a more natural approach and he told me to give my son vitamin D and Vitamin K daily. I started doing this right away and in the last 2 years he has not had any new cavities and in his two front teeth (we did not have filled because they will fall out soon) the decay has not gotten any worse. No flouride and no amalagam in his mouth, just good food and good vitamins and flouride free toothpaste.

  2. It is true that cavities don’t have to be treated at dentist clinic only. There are safe and natural ways of preventing and treating tooth decay. This article mentions a book “Cure tooth decay” by Ramiel Nagel.This is an excellent book which takes the reader to a new world of revelation regarding oral health and clears certain misconceptions. The author of this book advocates the importance of proper nutrition as the key element in building strong teeth and making them resistant to cavities. It is the deficiency of important nutrients like fat soluble vitamins A, D, E K, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals that make teeth weak and cause decay over the period of time. Therefore one should follow the nutritional protocol given by the author in this book which ensures prevention and reversal of cavities. Visit this website for more information

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