Remedies for Children Dealing with Emotional Issues

Recently, both of my children were dealing with issues that were taking an emotional toll on them. My two year old daughter was being weaned from nursing, while my almost four year old son was having jealousy issues with his sister to the point where he would hurt her. Both children were having a hard time understanding and handling their emotions and their feelings.

Seeing that I was also having a hard time being patient myself as I tried to help them, my mother gave me a book: Bach Flower Remedies for Children. I had used the remedies from time to time for myself in the past, but besides for the beloved Rescue Remedy, I hadn’t thought of using them with my children.

Book Recommendation: Bach Flower Remedies for Children

When I opened the book to the pages of the remedies my mother was suggesting, I was literally reading about exactly what my children were dealing with and the ways in which they were acting out due to their emotions.

I turned to the remedy, Holly, and read, “I’m mad, mad as can be. You love my brother more than you love me.” It then goes on to discuss how these children act out and have outbursts that involve them hurting their sibling and perhaps breaking things around them. This was my son.

As for my daughter, I found that a combination of Red Chestnut, Walnut and Honeysuckle was what she needed, as the combination of these remedies describe a child who doesn’t want to leave his/her mom or dad, is afraid they may not come back when they leave, and is having a hard time with change.

Now that I am going back to work full time after being home with my children for the past two years, I am looking at the book again, adjusting their remedy accordingly.

Reading through each remedy, I have found that there seems to be one for just about anything children may be feeling at any age, such as having so much on their plate that they feel stressed out; being overbearing with their friends as they seek attention; having strange fears and nightmares; and panicking about a test, going to the dentist, etc.

What’s amazing is that these remedies can be used at any age, from newborn to adult. In fact, the author suggests both mother and child use a bit of Star of Bethlehem just after birth, particularly if it was difficult or could be deemed traumatic for mother or child.

How They Work:

For those not familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies, back in the early 1900’s, Dr. Edward Bach discovered that different flowers have different vibrational levels and that they can adapt to reestablish a balance in humans when needed. It’s the vibrational levels that balance negative emotions by changing them into positive ones. “Dr Bach believed that disease was the result of imbalance between mind, body and soul and committed his life to developing a “medicine of the future” which could be used by everyone to treat themselves. During the course of his short career, Dr. Bach developed 38 remedies in total. 37 of the 38 remedies are prepared from wild flowers and trees blossoms, the other remedy is made from water derived from a natural spring containing healing properties. Each remedy works to treat a specific emotion and mental state. Through his life work, Dr. Bach established that there are 38 principal human emotions, most of which every one of us will feel at some stage during our life. Problems can occur when our emotions become out of balance and cause negative attitudes, often as a result of a specific event or trigger. Dr. Bach divided the flower remedies into seven groups of fundamental emotions: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency or despair, over-care for the welfare of others”(Gordon).

How to use the Remedies and Where to Get Them:

You can order the remedies yourself and follow the simple directions in the book, Bach Flower Remedies for Children, or you can find a local naturopath who sells them and can make up a personal remedy for you. Donna, the naturopath and owner of Healthy Alternatives in Babylon, NY has been working with the remedies for over 20 years and is a great source!

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  1. PrisCilla says:

    Thanks for mentioning this book. I was on a hunt for Bach Flower info in English, as we live in Switzerland. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.

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