Pregnant Women and the Flu – Behind the Story of the Latest Announced Findings

When you turn on the news today you will no doubt hear about the study done in Denmark that suggests that pregnant women who had the flu during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a baby with autism.  There is no doubt that this study will be used by both the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry to scare pregnant women into getting a flu shot.

What’s scary is that women will run to get it without knowing more about it. Not once in the description of this latest study, both on television and in print,  have I heard mentioned the number of women in this study who did indeed receive the flu shot during pregnancy, as there is NOT ONE flu package insert that promises effectiveness of the product.

What you need to know:

1. According to the Flulaval package insert: (

1. All studies done regarding the safety of the vaccine were done on people ages 18 – 64. No one younger was involved in the studies (good they weren’t lab rats, but bad that this vaccine is given without knowing how it will effect children) (6.1)!
2. There is no proof it works! “This indication is based on immune response elicited by FLULAVAL, and there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.” and “Vaccination with FLULAVAL may not protect all susceptible individuals.” (5.5)
3.PREGNANT AND NURSING WOMEN: Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children. (8.1, 8.3, 8.4)• It is urged that women who receive FLULAVAL while pregnant register themselves in the pregnancy registry by calling 1-888-452-9622 “FLULAVAL should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.” (so since they cannot ethically test this product on pregnant women, they are asking that you voluntarily be a lab rat yourself!) 
4.”As with any vaccine, there is the possibility that broad use of FLULAVAL could reveal adverse events not observed in clinical trials.”

2. There have been NO “adequate and well-controlled” trials or studies done on pregnant women who received the flu shot during pregnancy (found on numerous flu vaccine package inserts). This is with good reason – who would want to be the guinea pig for that?

3. You can read the warnings and possible side effects of the vaccine you receive prior to receiving it – you need to ask your doctor for the package insert, or you can obtain a copy here: Package Inserts –

Some Things That You Can do to Increase Your Immunity Naturally

1.  Get adjusted! Many people hear the word chiropractic and associate it with back pain. Chiropractors do way more than help with specific areas of pain! Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your body aligned and at its optimum health to fight off any illness.

2. Keep up with your vitamin D! Vitamin D “triggers and arms the body’s T cells, the cells in the body that seek out and destroy any invading bacteria and viruses” (Alleyne).

3. Take some elderberry before going out around people who are sick or when you will be in large crowds. I give my son some before he goes off to school. Elderberry strengthens the immune system and is a great source of potassium and vitamin C.

4. Avoid eating sugar or foods with any artificial ingredients, like aspartame, BHT, TBHQ, artificial food coloring, etc., as they suppress and/or decrease your body’s immune response.

5. Wash your hands with good old soap and water – do not rely on hand sanitizers that only create your susceptability to germs in the long run.

About Raising Natural Kids

A mother of two looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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2 Responses to Pregnant Women and the Flu – Behind the Story of the Latest Announced Findings

  1. Tasha says:

    I’m so glad you sent this email! I was disgusted with what I heard on the news this morning. I am pregnant with my third child and have never received a flu vaccine and I have never had the flu. I truly believe the vaccine is harmful and I am sick that pregnant women are being advised to put that crap in their bodies :/ Most of the people that I know that have had the flu, have gotten it after receiving the vaccine……

  2. Bonny says:

    I have a lot of back problems, so I visit the chiropractor once every 3 weeks to stay well-adjusted. I guess I need to do further research on the connections…but now that I think about it, I have hardly been sick at all this year!! :) I am a firm believer in chiropractics.

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