Natural Alternatives to Pesky Problems

Tackling Sugar Ants, Dirty Ovens and Clogged Drains Cheaply and Naturally

ANTS: Each year, as the snow melts and the flowers bloom, I enjoy watching my children as they watch, in awe, at the ants that build their mounds and carry food from wherever they were fortunate to find it, and back to their home. As much as I like seeing my children awestruck by the ants, I am not a fan of them coming into my home. Fortunately I have only had one experience with this, which happened to be a couple weeks after moving into our new house. I would find them in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. This was a problem that I had never encountered before and I knew I wanted to tackle the little pests in a natural way. After doing a little research online, I choose my weapons: Apple Cider Vinegar and Cinnamon!


Ants don’t like the scent of the apple cider vinegar and the aroma of the cinnamon makes the ants lose their scent trail, thus making them forget all about how to find what attracted them into your home in the first place. I used both, first cleaning anything I thought might be attracting the ants, plus the surrounding areas, with the apple cider vinegar. I then sprinkled the cinnamon all along the counters and floor where the ants seemed to be entering, and I left it. The ants haven’t come back and it’s been three weeks.

OVEN: Ants aren’t the only hindrance that I was greeted by when moving into the new house; enter one filthy oven caked with grease! The easiest thing to do would have been to press the self-clean button, but that is not a viable option since it can actually be more toxic than standard chemical based oven cleaners on the market. Self-cleaning ovens are lined with Teflon, and when the temperature of the oven is running at around 900 degrees, toxic gasses are emitted into the air.  Along with Teflon, substantial amounts of Acrolein and Formaldehyde can be emitted from self-cleaning ovens on the first cleaning cycle (Examiner). Our bodies cannot readily breakdown the chemicals used in making Teflon, nor can it fully eliminate Formaldehyde and Acrolein in a timely manner. The result is a host of symptoms, including asthma, headaches, dry and itchy eyes, birth defects and lung irritation. In addition, some of these chemicals are know carcinogens.

Instead of pressing the self-clean button or using a chemical based product, I resorted back to my most basic and effective cleaners: baking soda and vinegar. In order to get my oven back to a clean state, I started by coating the bottom of it with baking soda. I then poured a little bit of water, along with white, distilled vinegar on top of the baking soda, using just enough to moisten the baking soda and to get it bubbling. Next, I closed the door and let that sit for about four hours. I then used rags to scrape off the baking soda and used a sponge to scrub the remainder of the grease off. And that’s it – my oven is clean!

CLOGGED DRAIN: The last obstacle I faced when first moving in, was that of a clogged drain; this was something I already knew how to take care of. My long hair, combined with soap scum and the dirt that my children bring it, make for a clogged tub about twice a year. I don’t believe in pouring the likes of bleach or Drano down my drain, so I use something completely toxin free – boiling water. I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first read about this, but I figured that it certainly couldn’t hurt.  Before starting this short and simple process, I used baking soda and vinegar in the drain to clear up any grime towards the top of the pipe. Then, so as not to burst any pipes, I let the warm water run a bit in the tub while I was boiling the water in the largest pot I have. When it was ready I took it straight to the bathtub and poured it in.  And then I was done. The clog was gone, and stayed gone!

So often spending money on toxic chemicals is not needed to fix a lot of the obstacles that come along with living in a house or apartment.  A little elbow grease and a few items from your kitchen is all it takes!

Photo Credit: James Niland

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A mother of two looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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5 Responses to Natural Alternatives to Pesky Problems

  1. Lee Ruggieri says:

    Hey Dawn…thanks again for helpful info !!!

    Found a bunch of ants in the back yard while planting some bushes ==== NOW will hit it with some A C vinegar J

    Hope your day goes wonderfully tomorrow – will be thinking of you all & will be there in ‘spirit’

    See you soon..XOXOXO

  2. Mike Tanner says:

    I was looking for oven tips and here we are – great advice, thanks! My wife is breastfeeding right now and I really didn’t want to stink the place out with awful products – if only I’d have found this a little earlier lol. Most people have baking ingredients in the cupboard ready and waiting… admittedly I did resort to professional oven cleaner kent or oven cleaning birmingham based companies to do mine when it got bad until I read posts like this, so thank you! I actually have a tip that I also found really helped once I got my oven up to scratch… every time I use the cooker, I give it a quick wipe over, inside and out. I found using a sponge (just water, nothing else) as the oven was still quite warm, to remove the spillages and grease from the last cook really helped stop the build up and I don’t reach that horrible black, baked on stage any more! Thanks for the advice.

  3. Melody says:

    How long did you let the vinegar mixture sit before pouring the boiling water in? I have it sitting now.

  4. Toney says:

    Your posts are so timely and the information is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with chemicals and yucky stuff! My lil girl is just learning about this world and I want to make sure she too gets a chance to see we can live a greener life! Thanks…


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