Not All Mattresses (ORGANIC OR NOT) Are Created Equal

(What to Know Before Buying an Organic Mattress)

I’ve been doing a lot of research into mattresses lately, and the one thing I have come to learn is that not all organic mattresses are the same!

I became educated about the chemical flame retardants used in mattresses years ago, when shopping around for a crib mattress for my firstborn. The more I learned, the more I knew that every mattress that would enter our home from then on, would be ones using only organic materials as flames retardants, rather than chemicals.  (For links about the chemicals used on standard mattresses, see the bottom of this post).

Being that at the time, my non-organic mattress was only five years old, there was no talking my husband into getting a new one for us just then. However, as the years have passed, I have been collecting my research on different mattresses and companies in preparation to buy the perfect one. After all, we certainly spend enough of our lives sleeping, bonding and cuddling with the kids on one!


It was just recently, as I was getting ready to approach my husband about needing to replace our now ten year old mattress and needing two twin beds for each of our now toddlers, that I met Kathy.  After having done her own extensive research on organic mattresses, Kathy chose My Green Mattress company to purchase hers from and loved it so much that she asked them for a job helping them to spread the word!

I talked with Kathy at length and became convinced that I needed to try one as well. My five year-old son got to be the first of our family to get one – if only he knew how lucky he was/is! Every night when I snuggle with him as he falls asleep, I tell him that he has the most comfortable bed in the house, and he does! (His mattress is also the most economical I have found in regards to organic mattresses – The Pure Echo)


Because I know how tedious finding a trustworthy mattress company can be, I want to share why I choose My Green Mattress over the other natural and/or organic mattress companies. Gosh, this sounds like a sales pitch, and really, it’s not. I actually had been duped once before with one of our ‘organic’ crib mattresses ordered online, so I know firsthand that there are companies that are green washers and I want to help the ones that are genuine!

First and foremost, My Green Mattress’s philosophy about what a bed should offer matches mine: Comfort, Quality and Free of Toxic Material.

Not all ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ mattress companies use safe, non-toxic materials.

During my research into finding truly safe mattresses for my family, I have found that natural and organic mean different things to other companies. For instance, one of the major brand names in natural beds uses silica sand as a natural flame retardant. Though silica is natural, in the state of a powder like this, it’s actually toxic and considered to be carcinogenic. This same company also uses plastic in their waterproof layer. Other companies use organic cotton, but still treat it with chemical flame retardants. With My Green Mattress, there is no green washing and no surprises. They tell you exactly what they use and how they use it and you can talk directly with the owner about any questions you have (to me this is important!).

Unlike some other ‘organic’ mattress companies, My Green Mattress’s mattresses are made from safe materials, used in a more natural state. They use organic cotton, Joma wool and 100% natural latex (made from the rubber tree as opposed to synthetic latex). Other natural mattress companies use a blend of rubber tree sap mixed with soy foam and chemicals that escape during normal wear and tear as airborne particles, and have been found in human blood, breast milk and cord blood and have been linked to a wide range of health risks (Greenpeace and Minnesota State Health Department).

If you are looking at other mattress companies, you need to ask about what is in their blends AND ask if chemicals are used at all during the manufacturing process. You do not want a mattress or pillow made with polyurethane or made from any materials that you do not recognize. Foam is synthetic and made from chemicals!

My Green Mattress has mattresses to fit the budget of most consumers.

My Green Mattress’s beds are constructed from natural materials.  While the higher end beds are constructed of pure latex rubber, their lower models are constructed from organic cotton and wool. While all are safe and offer a great night’s rest, the latex will last longer. In addition, My Green Mattress makes their mattresses and then sends them directly to you from their factory, so there is no middleman to mark up prices.

My Green Mattress uses durable materials that last and support.

As most of the mattresses from My Green Mattress are latex, which is not only durable, but comfortable, breathable, pressure relieving, resilient and conforming for a great night’s sleep. In addition, latex has anti-microbial properties that make it resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew, which helps reduce allergies.

To learn more about wide array of safe, organic mattresses that My Green Mattress has to offer, you can visit their website, or call and talk to the owner!


Resources and Information of Flame Retardants used on Mattresses

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Photo Credit: My Green Mattress (as they are thrilled I want to write about their mattresses!)

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A mother of two looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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7 Responses to Not All Mattresses (ORGANIC OR NOT) Are Created Equal

  1. Loralee says:

    My husband and I are in the market for a new mattress. We are having the difficult challenge of finding the right organic one that we can also lay on in person. We have found one in particular bit wondered if I could get some more specific info and possible concerns on it from you? Please email me if that works better than posting publicly.


    • Sure, what type of information are you interested in knowing, what questions do you have? My Green Mattress does have a full money back guarantee which is good to know!

      • Loralee says:

        We had seen a Naturepedic which we did find quite comfortable but I’m concerned about whether they greenwash? Wondering the same about a Savvy rest? If anyone knows of a places in Minneapolis or the area to try out other organic mattresses please share. I have only found Moss Envy to carry any.

        Thanks so much!!!

      • Naturepedic is one that I believe uses the soy/chemical fill. To be sure, you can call them and ask them if they use fills or blends and if yes to either question, ask them to tell you exactly what it is. You do not want Polyurethane or anything that you have never heard of.

  2. Bridgett says:

    To anyone reading this…I just purchased a mattress from Mygreenmattress for my grandson. I had been wishing to be able to afford a quality and non toxic mattress, which I feel all children deserve. Well, I sincerly have to say that Tim was awesome helping get that dream to reality. He doesn’t just go the extra mile…he goes beyond! I found out about this company from a mattress forum and will now always recommend them! Kudos to your clean efforts and customer service! Stay true to the great company you are! Bridgett

  3. These sound like great mattresses and probably the most affordable organic mattresses I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing! :D

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