Cleaning up ‘Cradle Cap’

cradle capNot knowing much as a new mom six years ago, I was surprised when my crunchy pediatrician revealed to me that cradle cap is actually fungal and that eliminating dairy would help to eradicate it, being that dairy intolerance is often the cause.

I used to sit and pick at my son’s scalp as he nursed, trying to clear it up myself. I could pick all I wanted, but it always came back. It was when I eliminated dairy from my diet that it stayed away… until he was old enough to eat foods on his own. None of my three children have ever had a sip of cow’s milk, but they do enjoy plain Greek yogurt and cheese. Having limited diets as it is (no wheat and very little sugar), I sometimes feel bad depriving them of these two treats, so I often let them have them. However, there a periods of time (months) where I give them barely any dairy and it’s then that their scalps are clear.

Because we have had a dairy filed summer, as I start to once again work on the cause (dairy intolerance), I am also tackling the symptom (the actual cradle cap). To clear it up, I turned to a 100% organic and safe shampoo designed for dandruff and cradle cap, Ta Da Shampoo. The combination of organic ingredients, including neem oil (works as a fungicide), tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar, lend to an effective, chemical free treatment. For infants, the Poofy Organics Cradle Cap Oil is a great option, offered as one of their many baby products.

I have only used the shampoo a few times, as I just ordered and received it this past week, but I could see a difference after the first wash. Here’s what I have been doing: I apply the Ta Da Shampoo to their scalps when they first get in the bath and I let it sit for five minutes before washing it off. While it sits, I gently scrub their scalps with my fingers. Then I rinse. Because it is helping to lift off and kill the fungus, you will probably see flakes in the hair that you can comb out as it is drying. It will take a week or two of washing with it to get the fungus gone completely, but it is clear that it has already started working (Note: It will most likely come back if you discontinue use without having eliminated dairy). I’ve got my own dandruff/cradle cap issues and I can’t wait to have longer than two minutes in the shower to use it on my scalp! On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised how soft the shampoo leaves their hair and at how nice the smell is, especially once it has dried.

In addition to eliminating dairy and the use of the shampoo, adding probiotics to the diet will help get rid of the fungus for good as well.

Where to find Ta Da Shampoo

Author’s Note: I joined the Poofy team after recommending their products for 5 years unaffiliated. It made sense to join an amazing team that puts out 100% organic and safe products. They are what they say, unlike so many other companies saying they are green or organic, when they are not. I share them because I love them first and foremost. Thank you for supporting Raising Natural Kids with your purchase.

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A mother of three looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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8 Responses to Cleaning up ‘Cradle Cap’

  1. cass says:

    bless you for posting this!! my daughter has always had cradle cap issues and at 13 months it’s getting a little old..

    She had issues with dairy when she was a newborn so I cut it out of my diet for a long time but after her reflux went away I gradually add started eating it again. now she eats cheese once in a while and plain yogurt and butter from the farmers market regularly… I’ll be cutting it out to see if it helps for sure!!

  2. Wow, I had no idea it was a fungus! My son has a small patch that has been with him as long as I can remember. A few flakes come off now and then but it has never seemed to bother him and is covered by his hair. Both my husband and I are sensitive to dairy and have wondered if he was as well. He doesn’t show any signs of discomfort after eating dairy, so we thought he was in the clear. Apparently not! Thank you for another great and informative post!

  3. L Pauls says:

    Would the lice prevention shampoo also help for cradle cap? Don’t they have similar ingredients? My three year old still has it and I’m hoping to kill two birds with one stone in the shampoo department.

  4. Raquel says:

    I am very glad that I found this post! I was really puzzled with what to do with the cradle cap of my child after it’s been there already more than a year. Thanks!

  5. Andrea says:

    My 8 month old has had exactly this since birth. I’m a huge dairy fiend, and cut back a lot in the early days because she couldn’t tolerate it (gassy, spit up). Now that I know I’ll cut back! Thanks for the images, cradle cap I thought was more crusty

  6. Poppy says:

    Coconut oil works to remove cradle cap as well. Néem oil is great for fungal stuff but a bit stinky! I just rub in the coconut oil in, leave for a bit, massage and then comb.

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