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Not All Mattresses (ORGANIC OR NOT) Are Created Equal

(What to Know Before Buying an Organic Mattress) I’ve been doing a lot of research into mattresses lately, and the one thing I have come to learn is that not all organic mattresses are the same! I became educated about … Continue reading

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Your Mattress Matters

You spend many of your waking hours each day making sure that you keep your family safe from harmful chemicals in your immediate environment, be it in cleaning products, on food, or in the air that you breathe. Yet, many … Continue reading

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Flame Retardants Have Been A Cause of Concern In Regards to SIDS… One Reason Among Many to Invest in Organic Crib and Child Mattresses

Still unknown is the actual cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Through much of my own research, I have my own ideas on this*(scroll to bottom for more), and though the flame retardants in mattresses aren’t what I think is … Continue reading

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“We are what we Eat” – A fetus is what his/her mother eats, breathes and does!

After recently hearing that babies are born with 200-300 toxins in their cord blood, I felt sad! Then I wondered why and what we can do to help bring that number down, as it should be at zero!  The statistics … Continue reading

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