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Vaccine Dangers and Coverups as Presented to the U.S. Government

The controversy has been looming for years, while the vaccine makers have been ignoring, covering up and lying about the findings that they have about just how dangerous and widespread the side effects of these vaccines are. The dangers are … Continue reading

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911 – The Official Vaccine Injury Reward Report to Joseph Biden from the U.S. Court of Official Claims

Here’s the official report, in a letter from the United States Court of Official Claims, to Joseph, R. Biden, Jr. (President of the United States Senate). The document speaks for itself.

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Pregnant Women and the Flu – Behind the Story of the Latest Announced Findings

When you turn on the news today you will no doubt hear about the study done in Denmark that suggests that pregnant women who had the flu during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a baby with autism.  … Continue reading

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Whooping Cough Outbreak – Vaccinated or Not, We’re all in the Same Boat, Or Are We?

(And Why You Shouldn’t Let the Media Scare You) Being reported in the news this morning is the fact that there have been 179 cases of whooping cough reported in Suffolk county this year. Though this number isn’t large, the … Continue reading

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TWO Great Articles to Check Out About Vaccines Read this One first:

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