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This Just In: I am officially THAT MOM – Saying No to TBHQ and other Junk in Foods

Well, I did it. I officially became known by teachers as that ‘crazy’ mom and my son is only three. Perhaps crazy is too strong a word, one that’s a bit over used these days. I prefer to think of myself … Continue reading

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Respecting Choices Even When We Don’t Agree

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One Messy House – My Non Resolution

Five days out of the week my house is a mess. Actually, lets make that seven days, minus the few hours that it stays clean after I just finished straightening it up. Laundry and dishes are piled high, toys are … Continue reading

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The Importance of Instilling Creativity in our Children

In a day and age where media and technology seem to have the ‘one up’ over imaginative playtime, it is so important to instill the power of creativity in our kids. A recent a segment on the CBS morning news … Continue reading

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Hypersensitivity, Mood Swings, Sleeplessness – The Ins and Outs of Food Dye Sensitivity

Oftentimes, symptoms of food dye sensitivity and allergies get overlooked by both parents and doctors, as the symptoms seem to be brushed off as normal behavior for whatever age a child is at. Though all children will act out, not … Continue reading

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