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Dawn Lorenz B.A., M.A., M.O.M.                                                    

How I Got to Where I Am

Besides loving and spending time with my family, I have had three passions in life: writing, teaching and seeking/sharing the truth about the world around me. I started writing when I was in second grade, insisting that one day I would both write a book and become a journalist. My love for writing led me to major in English and minor in journalism at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. After graduating from college, I still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to write about; in fact, at that time, I wasn’t even sure who I was!

I needed time to soul search while learning about the world, so I did some traveling. I started by living in Australia for 5 months while interning at Flicks Australia, a film production company in Sydney. Before returning back to New York, I made some stops in New Zealand and Fiji. Still unsure as to what my future held for me, I took random jobs and found myself in Italy for a two week trip. When I got back from Italy, I knew I had to get serious and somehow ended up going back to school to get my Masters in secondary education. I say “somehow” because there was a point in time when I insisted I never wanted to be a teacher. I got a job at a small school district on Long Island, where I loved going to work everyday and found myself passionate about teaching my students not only how to read and write, as is a standard part of being an English teacher, but also in teaching them things about the world around them.

It was when I was pregnant with my first child that I realized that I wanted my teachings to reach more than just the students in my classroom. At the same time I was researching and learning a lot about the ways of our world as it is now, with modern medicine, chemicals and procedures versus the safer, more traditional ways of times past. A lot of what I was learning made me, at times, just plain mad because it was such important information that I knew a lot of other people didn’t know about, like the chemicals used in our foods, clothing, cleaning products and household furniture and appliances and how toxic they really are. I also become aware of all the unnecessary medical procedures pushed upon a pregnant woman and her unborn child that is accepted as safe and mainstream. The more I found, the more I wanted to share. That’s how this website started; I wanted to create a place where I help children by educating their parents. I now realize I was meant to be a teacher all along.

I should mention that I didn’t just happen blindly onto the natural living scene; I was raised that way. My mother has been a Doctor of Naturopathy for most of my life. She owns a store called Healthy Alternatives where she councils people on nutrition, herbs, supplements and homeopathy using her her knowledge and kinesiology to guide people to fueling their body with nutritious foods and healing any ailments with food and supplements. I worked many years, on and off, at the store. Due to the nature of the business and the other services offered at the store, I have been and continue to be surrounded by amazing healers in the form of massage therapists, reflexologists, chiropractors, aromatherapists, Reiki Masters and acupuncturists. Though I am not an expert in any of these fields, I have learned a lot from the amazing people in my life and have a deep respect for these practices.

What Now?

In the first ten months since I’ve started this website, the universe has been kind to me! In July of 2011, the Editor/Publisher of The Great South Bay Magazine saw my website and asked me to be a columnist on natural living for her magazine. Then, in December, 2011, the producers of Suzanne Somers Breaking Through saw this site and invited me to talk with Suzanne on her show. Both of these experiences opened a lot of doors and have led me to offering consulting and speaking engagements where I share my knowledge with mostly young parents as they start on their journey of trying their best to live a toxic free life.

On the Set of ‘Breaking Through’ with Suzanne Somers!

Interested in booking a speaking engagement or at home/phone consultation? Please e-mail me at RNKcommunity@gmail.com. (At home consultations are currently available for the Long Island area. I will soon be expanding into Manhattan.)

Topics of Interest Include: Healthy Eating, Without the Chemicals and Added Junk; Ridding Toxins in Your Home; The Importance of Natural Birth and Breastfeeding; Getting your Children to Eat their Veggies; Becoming Aware of Possible Toxins Around your Baby/Toddler; Choosing Safe Products for Your Baby; Creating a Green, Safe and Baby Friendly Baby Registry, Replacing Foods Containing ‘Hidden Junk’ with Healthy Foods

Advertising and Sponsors: I accept advertisers and sponsors for this page, but they MUST be in line with what I preach. All products and services must be safe and non-toxic! They MUST also be things that I would use/provide for my own family. Please e-mail me at dalorenz@aol.com if you are interested in being a sponsor or advertiser on my site!

Also, I, Dawn Lorenz, am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking products I love to amazon.com.

11 Responses to About Me

  1. Dana Sand says:

    Really neat! Sounds like my journey 🙂 Check out my FB page- Rushes Childbirth Education 🙂 Good luck on your endeavors!

  2. Martha says:

    I think this is a good website with a lot of excellent information. I do not yet have children, but I already refuse to use harsh chemicals to clean my house and eat organic as often as possible and throughly wash all my fruits and veggies. I will never consider feeding my children formula unless there is a medical reason (lactose intolerance, etc) for not breast-feeding. I am still forming ideas about vaccination and as of now, I lean more toward a delayed schedule to avoid vaccines during critical brain development. I will keep doing research so I can feel as prepared as possible before taking on motherhood!

  3. You are doing great work- thank you! As a soon to be naturopathic physician, I agree with and am also shocked by much of the unnecessary medical interventions during pregnancy/delivery. I will be sharing your site with friends and patients.

    • awesome! thanks for sharing! that’s awesome that you will soon be a naturopathic physician – what state are you in? People are often looking for references on the facebook page!

      • Deep says:

        Hi I have emailed you at dalorenz@aol.com. We are expecting a new born in a day or two. I’m not comfortable going with Vaccintions for our baby to be.

        we live in MA (Shrewsbury). I’m interested in knowing any pediatricians who will help me make wise decissions about vaccinations (or let me avoid) in my area.

        As this posts are more than 2 years old, I’m not sure if this page is still active. Can you please help us regarding.


      • got your message! we are still here 🙂

  4. Can you add an RSS feed so I can add your blog to my reader? I really enjoy your site!

  5. Christine Olsen says:

    I had the privilege of having Dawn’s family live next door to me when I was growing up. Her mother, Donna, offered me my first introduction to the concepts of “organic, natural and whole foods”, and this was way back in the 1970’s. Although my family always cooked from scratch (and I still do), Donna made her own yogurt and went way beyond “meat and potatoes” to feed her family. I remember Dawn stopping over at our house with her brother Ryan and my Mom would offer them some cookies. Dawn would respond “that’s okay, we’re going to have dinner in a little while”. She was just a little kid, maybe six or seven years old at the time and I remember being astonished. Her respect for food and good food choices started when she was just a little kid – I’m not surprised that she has become an educator on such an important topic. Congratulations Dawn – on becoming such an amazing woman.
    – Christine Olsen

    • Wow Christine! How are you? How did you find me? I just happened to see this as you posted this, which is astonishing since things are always crazy here How are you? Thank you for the kind words!

  6. Louanne standfill says:

    My partner combined lemon essential oil from one company with orange essential oil from another company in Castille soap. The reaction was bizarre, it hardened. I am very curious to understand how this happened. Can you help me? Thank you

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