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The most important message I want to relay about getting your children vaccinated:  Do your research before deciding that you are going to vaccinate! Every parent wants what is best for his/her children, so doesn’t it make sense to take the time to actually get some background information and facts about vaccines before injecting them into a newborn baby?  In my eyes we owe it to our children to look into anything they are exposed to, whether ingested, inhaled or injected, as children are dependent on parents to make the educated choices for them when they cannot do it themselves.  If after having thoroughly researched both sides of the pros and cons of vaccinations and you decided to move forward with vaccinating your children, then that is a decision you are making based on knowledge, rather than blindly going into vaccinating just because it is what the government, and thus, the American Medical Association say (yes, I realize these are two major giants that people want to trust no matter what, but they are made up of individuals who don’t always have the good of the people in mind, as you will come to see in your research if you dig deep enough).

Being that I am not a medical expert, but a mother who does a lot of research to make sure I do the best for my kids, I will direct you to valuable links, books, documentaries and information about vaccinations, along with providing you with some of what I have learned along the way.

Interesting Facts 

If you are just delving into your research, it is important to note there is a reason that the United States government actually has a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, where they will “award” a set dollar amount in certain circumstances if a person is injured or dies due to a vaccine.  This program protects the pharmaceutical companies in that a person cannot sue the companies that make the vaccinations! This isn’t the case in other countries. For instance, this past February 2014, five French families have joined forces to take GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Sanofi to court after their children were severely injured due to vaccines.

News Alert:  In March of 2011, The US Supreme Court ruled that you can NOT sue drug companies over faulty manufacturing practices because vaccines are “UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE.” How to you feel about injecting your children with UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE drug products?

TWO Great Articles on the topic of vaccines – eyeopening: MUST READ FOR THOSE ON THE FENCE ABOUT VACCINES

A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma (This article looks at both sides of the issue):

Six Reasons to Say No to Vaccination:

And a Great Documentary to Start With: THE GREATER GOOD – This 2011 film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. By re-framing the emotionally charged issue, The GREATER GOOD offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and reasonable discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program. Includes interviews with doctors, parents, researchers and people in the vaccine industry.

Need a medical expert to tell you more? Here are some people to follow: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Dr. Joseph Mercola


Scary Facts versus the Scare Tactics Used by State Health Departments

While watching television a few nights ago, I saw the latest ad from the NYS Health Department – aiming to instill fear through tugging at heartstrings; the ad basically tells parents that if they don’t vaccinate their children, one may die from a life threatening disease.  I thought that since the ‘anti vacciners’ cannot get their message out on the air (due sometimes to cost constraints, but mainly because the big pharma giants make sure no one will air them), that I would briefly discuss the other side of the coin. PLEASE NOTE:  I am not trying to dictate that people should not vaccinate their children; I am advocating for people to educate themselves before making a decision for their child who cannot make the decision for him/herself.

When we were young (I’m 34), there were 7 recommended vaccinations.  Our children are expected to get 35+. The pharmaceutical industry has 145 new vaccines in development and intends to make them mandatory.  145!!!  This makes a person question whether these vaccines are really for the good of our children and the population as opposed to making money for pharmaceutical companies.

Here are some of the staggering statistics that make me think twice (unless otherwise noted, all stats come from the book Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners by Neil Miller):

1. Pertussis (DTP vaccine):  In the recent outbreak in Suffolk County NY (2011), all 179 cases had been previously vaccinated for the disease. Also, before 2008, there were 3 outbreaks in the last 19 years.  In 1993 there was an outbreak in Ohio, where 82% of the cases occurred in people who had already received the vaccine.  In 1996 there was an outbreak in Vermont, where 74% of the cases occurred in people who had already received the vaccine. In 2003 there was an outbreak in Cyprus, where 79% of the cases occurred in people who had already received the vaccine. So, how well is this vaccine actually working AND then take into consideration the damage the actual vaccine is doing.  For instance, “70% of children who have died of SIDS received the pertussis vaccine within 3 weeks before death.”  Within this 3 week time period after receiving the vaccine, children’s breathing patterns became stress induced, wreaking havoc on their respiratory systems, suggesting that some of these cases labeled as SIDS have a known cause, vaccination side effects. (Miller 120 and 121).

2. Flu vaccine:  It was in the later half of 2002 that the CDC began advocating that all children receive the influenza vaccine.  In 1999, 25 children died of influenza in the U.S.  In 2000, 19 children died of the virus.  In 2001, 13 children died of the virus, in 2002, 12 children died of he virus.  Yet, in 2003, during the push to get all children the vaccine, 90 children died of the virus (a sevenfold increase). Several conclusions can be drawn here, such as the strain used in the vaccine may cause the person receiving the vaccine to contract the virus AND that the virus in the vaccine is more dangerous (Miller 97).

Also, according to the Flulaval package insert: (

1. All studies done regarding the safety of the vaccine were done on people ages 18 – 64. No one younger was involved in the studies (good they weren’t lab rats, but bad that this vaccine is given without knowing how it will effect children) (6.1)!
2. There is no proof it works! “This indication is based on immune response elicited by FLULAVAL, and there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.” and “Vaccination with FLULAVAL may not protect all susceptible individuals.” (5.5)
3.PREGNANT AND NURSING WOMEN: Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children. (8.1, 8.3, 8.4)• It is urged that women who receive FLULAVAL while pregnant register themselves in the pregnancy registry by calling 1-888-452-9622 “FLULAVAL should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.” (so since they cannot ethically test this product on pregnant women, they are asking that you voluntarily be a lab rat yourself!)
4.”As with any vaccine, there is the possibility that broad use of FLULAVAL could reveal adverse events not observed in clinical trials.”

3. Mumps (MMR vaccine): “In 2006 there was a large outbreak of the mumps in the United States.  92% of these cases were in people who were previously vaccinated against the disease” (Miller 167).  Enough said.

4. Hepatitis B:  I think the most scary thing about this is that it is given to newborns just days old!  The last thing a newborn needs while adjusting to life outside of the womb is to have toxins injected into his/her body.  This is not what life is all about.  In case you don’t know, you can ask that your child not receive this in the hospital, telling the nursing staff that you’ll have your pediatrician administer the vaccine at the office.  Looking at the stats, “between July of 1990 and October of 1998, there were 24,775 government documented adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine in all age groups.  9,673 of these were “serious,” leading to hospitalization, life-threatening health problems, or disabilities; 439 people died” (Miller 281).

5.  Pneumococcal Disease (Prevnar):  “Dr. Barthelow Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, testified before the Drug and Food administration that this vaccine could cause a major epidemic of diabetes, calculating that this vaccine will cause 28,000 cases of insulin dependent diabetes every year in the United States alone.  On a side note, there are 90 strains of this disease and the vaccine is designed to protect against only 7 of them (Miller 326).

Read up one the facts.  Look into the websites and books I recommend on the vaccine page.  Study each disease and look at the total deaths from the actual disease versus deaths and complications from the actual vaccine.  Two great resources to get information from are Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Lawrence Palevsky.  They can both be found on Facebook.

Forms: Vaccine Refusal Form (In lieu of what your doctor asks you to sign). Why? Some of their forms actually accuse you of neglect! 

Links to Articles by Topic

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Vaccines ARE NOT Linked to Eradicating Disease: Small Pox:, Polio:

Whooping Cough Outbreak – Vaccinated or Not, We’re all in the Same Boat, Or Are We?

Whooping Cough Breakouts – not because of more unvaxxed kids:


Links to Forums, Activists and Professionals Against Vaccines

Online Resource for Natural Health Information and Childhood Shots – In depth Info about each shot, along with an abundance of related topics as presented by Mary Tocco

Think Twice – Global Vaccine Institute – provides studies, articles and personal stories. (one of the easier ones to navigate)

Vaccine Injury Info – a critical overview of vaccine side effect. (also one of the easier ones to navigate)

National Vaccine Information Center –

Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines:

Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines – A comprehensive sight that discusses each disease and vaccine.

Coalition for Informed Choice – Get in touch with Gary Krasner for info about vaccines and exemptions – he is very knowledgeable about the laws in New York.

Vaccination Information Network (VINE) –

Inside Vaccines:

Proud Parents Of Unvaccinated Children: a Facebook Community for advice and support:


Valuable Books and Documentaries

Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection

This book examines each disease and vaccine closely, using well researched data and testimonies.

The Greater Good  – A great documentary looking at both sides of the vaccine controversy. VERY informative!

Are Vaccines Safe? by Mary Tocco 

In Vaccine Nation, Gary Null, Ph.D., reveals why we should question the safety and efficacy of vaccines.  GREAT DVD

Product Details

“In “Shoot ‘Em Up,” Judy Apicella speaks with the experts as they reveal the damage we unknowingly do to our children. Learn about mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum that some vaccines contain and the autism, asthma and neurological damage they could contribute to. Could one of the reasons be that most of the individuals who make the decisions about the vaccines kids receive have a financial stake in the drug companies that hold the patents? This reasoned yet brilliant expose is one that the pharmaceutical community hopes you won’t see, but is must viewing for all. Easily one of the most important documentaries you will ever see.” (Editorial Review on Amazon)


63 Responses to Vaccine Info

  1. Jane Harper says:

    Also if a parent would simply read the vaccine inserts they would see that they tell you the true facts about them – for instance the dtap vaccine insert says it does cause SIDS and autism and a plethora of other horrific events. It also says it is ONLY effective against pertussis if a vaxed person gets pertussis from the vaccine and coughs 9 times a day for 21 days! It also says that it does not produce immunity from tetanus not to get a tetanus vaccine AFTER infection with tetanus but rather to get the TIG — says the same for the diptheria portion – get the immunoglobulin shot if infected with diptheria. The polio vaccine insert says that 98% of polio cases are asymptomatic and the other 2% are nothing more than cold symptoms and it says that paralytic polio was caused by the vaccine. Seriously, how much more plain and clear can it be for parents – if the manufacturers are telling you this in the insert why don’t they listen!? The fact is that doctors don’t read them and parents don’t read them – it is truly pathetic.

  2. melissa says:

    What about bacterial meningitis? Do you have any information on this vaccinte (hib)? I’m travelling with my un-vaxed daughter who is 8months… Thanks!

    • Hi! According to Miller’s book, The Vaccine Safety Manual, There were 2 studies done that show HIB doesn’t spread easily – Out of 772 children who came into contact with an infected child, only 1 caught the disease. Interestingly enough, When the pertussis vaccine was introduced, HIB cases skyrocketed and then, in Japan, when they stopped vaccinating babies with DTP, their HIB mortality rates dropped. The biggest effects of the HIB vaccine include Type 1 diabetes – as seen from a study published in the British medical Journal. This is discussed on page 318 of Miller’s book. Other side effects that have been reported are Guillain-Barre syndrome, early onset HIB disease, pneumococcal disease and others…

  3. Kim Boer says:

    I’m right there with you. Although we did not always have this knowledge, my first 2 children had much of the schedule. My next 2 we decided to do an alternative schedule given to me by my DO. It didn’t skip all of them, but did only do a few of the main ones and it spread them out over much more time. No multi-dosing. When I mentioned this to my ped Dr. we received a letter in the mail advising us that if we didn’t do the full vaccines schedule, we were advised to find a new Dr. I’m hate being bullied so we found a new office. However, after 5 years, now the new office is taking the same approach for all of their new patients claiming we are a risk to their other patients. I still hate being bullied! We’re still there only because we rarely go to the Dr. but can see the day, that change will come too.
    Another thing for parents to keep in mind…The reporting statistics is skewed dramatically. Approximately 25% of adverse reactions gets reported. Our friend had a child who was having mini-seizures within hours after receiving DTAP and a few others. (don’t remember, but it was 9 antidotes at 1 visit). Her daughter out of the blue would start crying, curl up in a ball and then go lethargic and appear to pass out. Drs assured her it had nothing to do w/vaccines. She took her to the family allergist who was also a professor, said it was absolutely Pertussis vaccine. The thing with VARS is that your doctor has support your claim. Her office refused. They referred her to a pedi-neurologist who also said it was unrelated. They are so scared of more people not vaccinating that they’ll stop at nothing to make you feel like you need to vaccinate. Our new office even told me it was like not buckling my child in their car-seat.
    PARENTS, don’t be bullied. Go with your God-given instinct after you research for yourselves, whatever you decide.

    • I like your last two sentences! Great way to put it! Dr. offices are tricky! A great practice of home visiting, open minded RNs just opened near me – yay!

    • Do you research indeed says:

      It’s not true that only Dr’s can report vaccine reactions at VAERS (not Vars), parents and anybody can report here, So if your Dr refuses to report it, YOU CAN, so I’m confused as to why your friend didn’t report it if her child was as ill as you claim? I don’t even live in America, and I found this information in one minute on the web! Also who is this Neil Miller the author is talking about? and what are his qualifications? He seems to be making wild claims like 92% of mumps cases occurred in people who where already vaccinated and “70% of children who have died of SIDS received the pertussis vaccine within 3 weeks before death.” Where did he get his statistics from?? Sorry but I smell a rat, If I was a parent I would be looking into this a lot further and not just believing anything I read.

      • MrSm88 says:

        Miller is a medical researcher (potentially with other quals as well I’m not sure) and these statistics as well as all other information are heavily reference with source information in the actual book.

      • chrisw says:

        MrSm88, anyone can call themselves a medical researcher, we could all call ourselves medical researchers by mearly being on this blog. If you believe what this Miller says I suggest you find out his actual quals just to confirm, also just because a book is referenced with source information, does not mean that information is correct, you have to drill down further and go the original source information.

      • Neil Miller’s book includes a forward by Dr. Russel Blaylock, and includes accolades about the book from 4 other doctors, including a Neurosurgeon, medical director and cancer researcher – these people wouldn’t be putting their names on a book if they didn’t feel it was well researched with credible information.

      • chrisw says:

        Actually Dr Russel Blaylock has nothing to lose by putting his name on any scientific unproven book, as he has long since retired from neurosurgery, and has taken up a new career based on natural therapies and unproven treatments, one of which he sells under the name of ‘brain repair formula’ I also doubt his research methods as he still seems to be under the impression that squaline is used in flu vaccinations in the US, when it is not.

  4. Karen says:

    My Children are almost grown, but I was always against them… but they could not attend public school without them!
    I was so mad!!!!
    Now I understand there are ways around that…. but I sure wish I had known before!
    I was very mad about the chicken pox shot.. I had already seen three kids on our neighborhood get it first and THEN ALL OF THEM got the Chicken pox…. so when it came time for my daughter I threw a fit and she even missed the first day of school.. b/c I REFUSED… however… she finally had to go to school, so I did it. And guess what happened in that march? THE STUPID CHICKEN POX… and sad for me and her.. it went on for 3 whole weeks!!!!!! slowly one pop then two, then 4, then none for a few days and then new week would arrive with more pops! I thought we were never going to get to be allowed back in school! Stupid shots I HATE THEM!
    I also know several children who “were” totally completely normal until 18months old… one of them was talking at 1 year! TOTALLY COMPLETE sentences he was so smart.. and then all of the sudden he is autistic. Hes 11 years old now. 😦 its terrible! I KNOW it was those damn shots! That parent is the one that finally told me how to still go to school without having them!
    I have forwarded this on my facebook page! Hope all the new mamas out there see it!

    • thanks for sharing – glad to know that there are people like you sharing this important info!

    • Martha says:

      Brain development happens rapidly in the first two years of a child’s life. Because most kids are exposed to millions of chemicals, there’s no way to determine which may have caused a problem. Also, there is a strong possibility that autism has genetic factors. Autism is most commonly diagnosed around 2 years of age. My cousin was not diagnosed until he was 4. In many, many cases, parents and doctors report normal development up until a certain point and then BAM! something happens. That something could be chemical exposure, or it could be a genetic defect that does not present itself until a certain stage of development. There are around 75 million children in the country, and about 600,000 – 700,000 are somewhere on the autism spectrum. If vaccines truly cause autism, why aren’t we seeing more of it?

      There are risks to everything. You take risks in getting your children vaccinated, but you also take risks in leaving them unvaccinated.

  5. Jane Harper says:

    Chris — sorry but you are wrong; the wording is very specific on the sanofi pasteur dtap insert and it clearly uses the words SIDS and autism.

    • chrisw says:

      Thanks for the info, but I have searched the Sanofi Pasteur dtap insert and couldn’t find where it said SIDS and autism. Perhaps it was not so clear to me 😦 Can you direct me to the specific page? Thanks.

  6. Jane Harper says:

    Click to access tripedia.pdf

    “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.

  7. Kim says:

    Are there any good pediatricians in the Bayshore, Islip, Babylon area (or anywhere within 1/2 hour drive) that anyone can recommend that are open to delaying, not doing all vaccines or not vaccinating at all. I am having problems finding one and I am due in a few weeks. Thanks!

    • You are having trouble because there aren’t that many on LI, but there are some options! I can get you info one some – there are peds in huntington, stoneybrook and lindenhurst that are all ok with not vaxxing. then there is Dr. Palevesky in Huntington who doesn’t believe in vaccination and won’t do it, but he doesn’t take insurance and he has limited hours ( I hear he is awesome though and he does talks that I highly recommend attending if you are looking into vaccines). Then there is Wild Child Pediatric – a new practice of 2 open pediatric nurses who travel to your home and do a mix of holistic and modern med, depending on what you want! e mail me at for more info!

      • Arin says:

        Jealous, I would love one of those nurse teams in the Eastern Plains of Colorado – were off-grid : )

  8. Naturallysta says:

    Great post! My son had his first set of vax at 2 months and cried for 4 hours straight after the Dtap and I didn’t vaccinate him at all after that. I still regret doing the first round and wish I had done my research before 😦

    I can second a ped referral in Huntington if anyone is interested.

    • looks like we have a lot in common and are from the same area!

      • Naturallysta says:

        Yep! Would be great to meet more like minded moms locally; we’re new to LI and so I’m still finding my way around 🙂 Love your links section, would you mind if I shared a few of them on my blog? xx

      • just subscribed to your blog! I have a feeling the dr. you mention is the same one I go to – only know of 2 more open minded in huntington, though I recommended someone go to her recently and she seems to be changing her tune a bit… You can share one of my posts with a link to my page – and then maybe I can do the same with one of your posts – let me know!

  9. Naturallysta says:

    Hi! Sure that sounds like a good deal – feel free for any of my posts as well 🙂 Interesting point about the ped – we’ve just started to go to her, in fact had my daughter’s annual just yesterday. I didn’t get any pressure although she did mention that doctors allowing patients to not vax were getting ‘logged’, whatever that was supposed to be hinting at!

  10. Clare says:

    Interesting info, but this post seems to be rather heavy on the side of not choosing vaccinations for our children. How about some positives like preventing potentially life-threatening and life-altering diseases? I absolutely agree that it seems frightening to have children injected with unavoidably unsafe things, but for a large number of parents preventative measures like well-researched vaccines are preferable to risking lives and limbs. Also I didn’t notice anywhere when you discussed outbreaks of diseases that in order for outbreaks to be avoided there needs to be something like 90-95% of the population having received the vaccine – apologies if I’ve missed it.

    • If you have links that are credible I could look at them – In my 4 years of my own research, the numbers I have found and the groups I have found them from about preventing these diseases seemed biased. I have also found much research showing that in fact, much of these diseases were almost diminished or declining before the vaccines. On top of that, I don’t believe all are life threatening for the average healthy person. My mom, her siblings, my grandparents all had measles, mumps, chicken pox, pertussis and now have lifelong immunity.

      • chrisw says:

        Just because you don’t believe that these diseases can kill healthy people doesn’t mean healthy people don’t die from a bad dose of measles or pertussis. Your family was lucky, doesn’t mean everyone will survive these diseases.

      • Just as many people who receive vaccines get ‘lucky’ and do not get serious adverse reactions – yet there are many who do, as seen by both the actual package inserts that come with the vaccines, VAERS, and the money the gov’t ‘awards’ to families whose children do die or become seriously injured from a vaccine.

    • Clare – I guess I also think that people have a lot more of the pro side to vaccines by talking with their dr., but that the links and things I provide are less mainstream, but just as important. My brother in law is a doctor and we have these discussions. He agrees that people need more of the info I provide because it’s not what they are getting from the doctors, as when in medical school they don’t learn about the anti vaccine issues. He said that if they want to know about these things they have to do their own research, which he urges his peers to do.

      • chrisw says:

        Doctors don’t learn about the anti vaccine issues because they are not evidence based. To teach medical students subjects that are not evidence based or scientifically verified would not be ethical, and universities would not allow it.

      • If they aren’t evidence based they wouldn’t be published in medical journals, and yet, they are! you can actually subscribe to a database chock full of researched, scientific data done on vaccines through Dr. Tenpenny’s website.

      • Clare says:

        As a health professional myself I felt that it was important to urge you to consider if you are aiming to appear unbiased, as I am all for raising awareness and I urge all parents to do thorough research of both sides, and make the decision that best suits their family. In my training we thoroughly studied and discussed pro- and anti-vaccine/immunisation issues.
        I noted you had a link from New Zealand about a parent who “lost their child to immunisations” but no mention of New Zealand parents whose children have lost most of their limbs, or their child has died, when parents have chosen not to vaccinate/immunise, and their child has caught meningitis? Again, is it more important for people reading this to choose not to vaccinate, or for you to provide a useful portal of information covering both sides of the argument? (My aim isn’t to attack by the way, so please do no feel that I am at your throat!)

    • chrisw says:

      ‘Just as many people get lucky and do not have serious adverse reactions’ This is not true, research shows that the number of adverse reactions is small compared to those that have no reaction at all.

  11. Kittysmom says:

    Wonderful information- but what about schools who insist on the vacs before admitting the child?

    • thanks – all states have medical exemptions (hard to obtain), all but 2 have religious exemptions and I believe somewhere around 15 states have philosophical exemptions (the easiest). Many people who are religious will find that if they look at the religious teachings for their religion, that they can agree with what they say about foreign objects being put into the body, or not trusting in God, or a higher being that he/she made us perfect as is, etc.

  12. Dr. Andrea says:

    Hepatitis B is not approved for use in children under 2. Want some more information? I’ll be doing a presentation at AlignLife on August 22nd at 6pm about the Hidden Dangers of Vaccination.

  13. chrisw says:

    Dr Andrea Hep B Vaccination is approved for use in children under 2. It may very well be your personal opinion that you do not recommend it for children under 2, and that is you right, but you do not make that clear in your post, ie that is your personal opinion, and not the opinion of medical science. Not having a go, just wanted to clear that up.

  14. Dr. Andrea says:

    I am sorry Chris, I stated that incorrectly. Many vaccinations have NOT been tested for long term impact in children under 2 or have been only clinically tested on very small groups (50-250) of children under 2. Which is why I encourage parents to do some research on the benefits and risks as well as reading the inserts for the vaccine before they make their decision to vaccinate and ultimately this has to be done before birth since the Hep B vaccine is now pushed right after birth.

    There were two hepatitis B vaccinations, Pediarix and Comvax, that were not approved by the FDA for use in children under 2 months (sorry not years that was a typo on my part!) In addition, these vaccinations by the name of Pediarix and Comvax were recalled due to sterility issues in December of 2007 however many of those vaccinations didn’t expire until January 2010. There are only two remaining FDA approved vaccinations for Hepatitis B in children which include the Engerix B and Recombivax HB. There was an abstract of a study published in Sept 2009 in the Annals of Epidemiology that states, “Boys who received the hepatitis B vaccine during the first month of life had 2.94 greater odds for Autism Spectrum Disorder compared to later or unvaccinated boys.” Here’s a link This study was done on the thimerisol containing vaccines that were in circulation up to 2002 while now they are offered preservative free. Unfortunately another study done has shown links with the Engerix B and CNS demyelination, even after the preservatives have been removed. Here’s a link to that as well

    Hepatitis B is a body fluid born infection it is of most concern to those who handle infected blood or by sexual contact, however there are some groups infants born to hepatitis B positive parents that are at greater risk. This is one reason why giving parents information on vaccination and their legal rights are my biggest passion. Every parent has a choice in whether they vaccinate their children and whether they would like to delay the current recommended vaccination schedule.

    Here is a link directly to the FDA’s website vaccine approvals. When clicking on the names of vaccinations please read the most current vaccination insert and the associated risks that the vaccination carries before you make a choice in vaccination

  15. Liz says:

    Thank you for this! I’m new to your blog and instantly knew it was one I’d be interested in following after seeing this blog. We decided against vaccinating our daughter after spending my whole pregnancy reading pros and cons. Once you’ve read over the facts it’s pretty much impossible to be ok with pumping a vaccine into your tiny perfect newborn baby. What I hate is that I feel like I have to keep quiet and lie about my baby not being vaccinated because other (basically everyone i know) uninformed people haven’t done the research and simply think that everything their doctors and government says is fact and safe. Vaccination isn’t safe! I shouldnt have to lie and pretend my child is vaccinated just so we aren’t ostracized from our uninformed friends and family.
    We chose to immunize our daughter homeopathically and she has never had a
    Single vaccination, not even the vitamin k injection. I’m so so happy that I’m an inquisitive person and that I did my research and I’m sure my child will thank me one day.
    So thank you so much for this post, it makes me feel less alone and more impowered! 🙂

  16. Katie says:

    I am considering traveling to Mexico with a 5 month old…thoughts on vaccines? What should I bring in case of illness etc? He will still be EBF. Thank you!

  17. Amber Roemer says:

    After reading a lot of these, I greatly appreciate the responses. I have an issue with the comments from chrisw … “Doctors don’t learn about the anti vaccine issues because they are not evidence based. To teach medical students subjects that are not evidence based or scientifically verified would not be ethical, and universities would not allow it.” It is interesting to note that doctors trust the expertise of the pharma companies even though “safety” is not their 1st priority, MAKING MONEY FOR THEIR SHAREHOLDERS IS THEIR TOP PRIORITY. I would say that is a big time conflict of interest, wouldn’t you say Chris? Chris when in medical school how many hours do the instructors stop and research the vaccines themselves along with the students? Or take hours upon hours thoroughly studying the Vaccine Inserts themselves? You are right Chris, universities do not allow it and that is why are healthcare system is failing terribly! It is interesting the skyrocketing rates in autism, asthma, ADHD, SIDS along with thousands of other conditions that have flared up recently and no one will take the time to complete more studies on vaccines. What is ” not ethical” is for doctors to pump these toxic materials into little babies and still have a license…they are supposed to do what is in the best interest of the patient, am I not correct? I think I will sum it up by saying our OWN GOVERNMENT stated in 2011 that you cannot sue the pharma companies because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,” so Chris if you are comfortable injecting unavoidably unsafe vaccines into your children, that is your decision!

    • chrisw says:

      I appreciate your feedback on my comments Amber, and I think you have made some good points. However, your comments seem to infer that pharma companies are dictating the method of study and curriculum of Universities? As far as I understand it, universities are funded by Government, not pharma. Therefore it is not the pharma companies Doctors are trusting, it is the AMA (In Australia) or the FDA in America that verifies the validity of the scientific tests, even though pharma may fund scientific testing, they still have to be verified and peer reviewed etc. Also many studies have been conducted on vaccines over the years, lots of them, so many people are taking the time to study them.

  18. cyndi says:

    I requested the vaccine inserts only to get a confused look from the nurse and a “scolding” from my child’s Dr. who told me that he can’t treat my child if she is not vaccinated with all scheduled vaccines!

  19. cyndi says:

    …I will be printing this and a few other pages from your site so that he may learn what he is injecting into all his patients. And if he refuses to read them and understand, I guess I’ll be looking for a new Dr!

  20. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this information. I find it highly ignorant and unfortunate that people turn such a blind eye to what is happening in our young children. It is exactly that type of egotistical attitude that inhibits rectifying what needs to be fixed in our country!

  21. am1277 says:

    This is such a great link! I really appreciate all the articles, documents, and facts it provided. Can some of you give me some real feedback and stories regarding living a “normal” life (if you were not vaccinated, or how your children live if they weren’t). My boyfriend and I are discussing the next phase of our relationship, and I won’t vaccinate my children and he is still uneducated and simply reverts back to wanting our kids to live a “normal” life and be able to play sports and such. I know this is still easily doable but he doesn’t really believe me. Can you guys provide some examples, struggles, outcomes or stories of how you handled this situation yourself or with your children? Thanks in advance!

    • Amber says:

      My kids are 5 and 2, but thus far have had no issues living a “normal” life. Sports that we’ve played or activities we’ve been involved in (dance, tumbling, etc) never ask about vaccination status! We’ve had no issues with preschool and now a private kindergarten accepting exemptions.

    • kadiabso says:

      I am struggling with this as well. Luckily I have an excellent physician who comes to my house to see my kids, and 100% supports our choice to not vaccinate. We are nervous about our kids being left out of sports and things because they are not vaccinated. The other difficult thing for us is that my oldest has severe asthma (he is the only vaccinated one) and has had to have several procedures. Every physician that we come in contact with has grilled us with questions, making us defend our choice. It gets exhausting, when a 30 minute appointment lasts an hour and half of it is vaccine discussions.

  22. chrisw says:

    Remember too that it may be you that has to decide to keep them home from sports or not, not always the coach or teacher. If your child has chicken pox or measles they probably should be kept at home anyway, and what if one of the other team members has one of these diseases, or whooping cough or something like that, would you still take your child to sport when you know the risks of your child catching the same? Also keep in mind time away from school in the event of a long illness like measles and whooping cough, discuss with your partner who would take care of the child during this time, who will take time of work etc. I am glad you are discussing these issues now rather than later.

  23. Marisa Barnes says:

    I am I correct that many schools require their students to be vaccinated? If this is so, how do you get your children into school if you do not vaccinate them? I am curious because I am thinking not vaccinating my children anymore.

    • No, It is not correct. Schools try to make you think so, but in 48 states you can request a religious exemption (some states even have philosophical exemptions). No matter what religion, if you look at the scriptures of that particular religion, you will find passages that are clearly against injecting anything into the bloodstream. Schools cannot legally question your religious beliefs, but as part of the exemption, you must write a letter stating your beliefs.

  24. chrisw says:

    That would be OK but vaccines are not injected into the bloodstream, they are injected into muscle tissue, not directly into the blood as many people believe.

  25. Maggie says:

    Thank you for gathering this information! My first got more vaccines then my next will for sure… We did not allow the hep b vaccine in the hospital but she got it later because they mix them all and as a first time mom I just didn’t know better- still when we looked into it the hep b vaccine was only needed if mom had it, and only effective if administered within 12 hrs of birth- and yet they pushed it for three days and then again at her first several checkups- none of them seemed concerned that this was a toxic mix of chemicals to protect a newborn from an std- I just kept saying thanks but I think I can keep her from having sex or using intravenous drugs for a few years at least! Anyway thanks so much for making this research easier on parents!

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