Combatting Body Odor Naturally

About 1 year ago, I started smelling – you know, that underarm sweat smell that means your body is working, but is not acceptable to many noses here in modern society. I had just given birth to my third child and knew that this was very common after delivery. A new mother’s hormones change and she emits a strong odor, which helps the baby to know his/her mother and her scent, so I dealt with it for a couple of months, as I didn’t really leave the house much at that time anyway. But, eventually I was leaving the house and it was becoming a little embarrassing.

It was about fifteen years ago that I stopped using traditional deodorant. With ingredients linked to a number of health risks, including cancer, I decided that I was not putting these toxic substances on my body anymore, especially so close to my breasts.  At that time, I switched to a natural, crystal spray deodorant and faithfully used it with success for about 14 years.

That spray, that I really liked, stopped working for me when Lucas, my third child, was born. I went to the local health food store and tried a few brands of natural deodorants, some scented with essential oils and some not. Of course, I also tried coconut oil, which seems to work so well as a deodorant for so many, but it didn’t do the trick for me. I needed something more.

Just when I was resolved to having to deal with it, Jessica, the blogger and brain behind Eco-Friendly Baby/Family Baby Products Made in the USA, contacted me, asking if I wanted to try her homemade deodorant that she had just started selling (recipe to make your own here). She had no idea about my odor issues and couldn’t know how desperate I was to find something safe and non-toxic that would work.

I tried it the moment it came in the mail and, as you guessed it, since here I am devoting a post to it, it worked. I started using it over two months ago and I plan on not having to make a switch again – I found my forever deodorant! I only have to apply it once in the morning and it lasts all day. I feel normal again!


The ingredients are so simple and pure. Jessica explains what and why she uses each, which she includes on an insert with your package, “Purpose of the ingredients: Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal so it’s a perfect ingredient for deodorant. I use organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil, which means more nutrients are left in it to benefit your skin. Arrowroot powder & cornstarch: both help absorb moisture. Baking Soda: helps keep bacteria from growing. Tea tree oil: has antibacterial properties. Essential Oils: Add extra antimicrobial action and a pleasant scent.”

As far as a scent, there really isn’t much of one, just a really faint, soft aroma. You apply it with your fingers, as it comes in a glass jar that can be reused for something else, which is nice and eco friendly. It feels smooth going on and then is so light, you forget about it for the rest of the day – but you know it’s working because you smell clean! My husband tried it and likes it too. This is now my all time favorite deodorant; it works better than any I have used since my teenage years, be it natural or unnatural (before I knew better). The best part – you can make it yourself if you have the ingredients and the time, or Jessica will make it for you (I love how she is so eager to help people find natural alternatives that she shares her secrets with all)!


You can read more about Jessica’s deodorant on her website and you can email her at or message her through her FB inbox to order.

Jessica has also started a buying club, helping to share American companies who make great organic products while providing a service for people who would like to order from multiple organic companies while saving on shipping and taking advantage of occasional discounts set up just for the buying club. There are no fees to participate. A list of vendors and details can be found on her website!

About Raising Natural Kids

A mother of three looking to raise awareness about the everyday issues that parents face, focusing on raising children holistically.
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6 Responses to Combatting Body Odor Naturally

  1. Cathy Powers says:

    I also use her deodorant and I love it!! Love that it doesn’t leave marks on clothes.

  2. Stephanie Ellis says:

    I made the deodorant and I still smell, should I add more tea tree? Also, I want to make this for my husband but he is allergic to coconuts. Can you recommend a substitution?

    • Did you put enough on under your arms? Also, someone asked about being allergic to the coconut oil today on the Eco Friendly Baby/Family Products page (link in deodorant article), so you can see that post there 🙂

  3. Tess says:

    Hi Jessica. Thanks for the post! Have you heard of Lavilin? If so, any thoughts? It’s an all-natural brand that some people have recommended to me. I’m debating which brand to try now!

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